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To add value to your everyday life,
we aim to achieve sustainability.


Lighter, longer, and greener,
creating a world where humanity
and the environment coexist.

  • KOPA®

    KOPA® - Polyamide

    A most widely used engineering plastic in automotive, electrical and electronic, and
    other industrial machinery fields as the most extensively utilized engineering plastic.


    SPESIN® - Polybutylene terephthalate

    It consists of no heavy metals and even when the product is combusted it doesn’t emit environmental hormones which harm the human body, providing us a safer and more environmentally friendly material.


    KOCETAL® - Polyoxymethylene

    A highly superior material with excellent properties such as outstanding friction/wear resistance, superior chemical resistance, excellent heat resistance and dimensional stability, and easily moldable.

  • KOPEL®

    KOPEL® - Thermoplastic Polyether-ester Elastomer

    As the first polyester-based thermoplastic elastomer produced domestically,
    it exhibits rubber-like flexibility along with the properties and stability of engineering plastics.

  • KOPPS®

    KOPPS® - Polyphenylene sulfide

    As a type of Super ENPLA exceeding the performance of normal ENPLA, it is mainly used for precision components where high dimensional stability is required due to its minimal dimensional changes and excellent melt viscosity features after molding.

  • KompoGTe®

    KompoGTe® - Composite material

    A reinforced composite material, created by artificially mixing or combining substances with different components and properties as a reinforced composite material to maximize the characteristics of each material or to have new characteristics.


We strive to create vibrant lives,
transparent and fair societies
and a greener Earth.